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Alexandre Monestier

Name: Monestier
Vorname: Alexandre
Lebensdaten: geboren 1974 in Yvelines, Frankreich
Zu Leben und Werk: Monestier was born in 1974 in Yvelines, France. At a such a young age, the artist has already had a remarkable career and has been a professional painter since 1994. He was brought up in a family of artists. His father, Etchenic, is considered the pioneer of a select group of French artists that today empower the strong hues of deep cobalt blues, rich reds, bright oranges, and trendy yellows in their modern style paintings. So it is only natural that he chose his father’s profession and that his paintings are inspired by the distinctive style and passion his father’s work is known for. Taught in his father’s studio, he learned how to engrave and paint with both pastel and oil paints. In 1998, Monestier signed a contract with a Japanese publisher, thus introducing his work the Asian market. The less naturalistic and primitive style of the Fauvism movement which grew out of Post-Impressionism is present in his work. He truly is a representative of this style, which was made popular by the like of Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse. Although his work can be tied to Matisse and his father, Monestier still adds a technique that is all his own. Monestier is a colorist above all, and likes to work mainly in still-lifes because he feels it allows him to use the freest of colors. The energetic, forceful paint and richness of tint shown in Monestier’s floral bouquets enchant us with their intense presence and their tenderness. He uses the brightest of primary colors to depict his still-life, making them speak to the viewer. These works of sensual cubism are rhythms like a score of music where the tempo has four times the color, grace, balance and joy to captivate us. Moestier’s magnificent techniques, which he renders with a palette knife and brush, have been featured in galleries in Europe, Asia, and the United States, giving him international recognition.
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