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Max Svabinsky

Name: Svabinsky
Vorname: Max
Lebensdaten: (Kromeriz, 1873 - Prague, 1962)
Zu Leben und Werk: Max Svabinsky: As both artist and teacher, Max Svabinsky holds the position of being the greatest figure of early twentieth century Czechoslovak printmaking. Although he trained primarily as a painter at the Prague Academy (finishing his studies in 1898), Svabinsky had already studied printmaking under J. Marak and Eduard Karel. He was quick to develop his talents in this field, to such an extent that, by 1904, he had already received a Gold medal for one of his prints at the St. Louis Exposition. Svabinsky's earliest works show the influence of two of his favourite etchers: Rembrandt and Whistler. By 1905, however, Svabinsky emerged as a strongly individualistic genius, influencing in his turn an entire generation of Czech and other European artists. By the time he created Frauenbildnis, he was an acknowledged master of the lithograph, etching, drypoint, woodcut and mezzotint. Svabinsky was the co-founder of the Hollar Academy, the founder of the Print Department at the Prague Academy (1910), and was its Director until 1927. In 1945, he was among the first artists honoured with the title of "National Artist". Frauenbildnis is a fine example of Svabinsky's art at the height of his creative powers. Avoiding unnecessary flattery, he gives us both a dignified and tender portrayal. Despite the bruises of time, this woman's spirit remains unbroken.
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