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Charles Francois Daubigny

Name: Daubigny
Vorname: Charles Francois
Lebensdaten: (Paris, 1817 - Anvers, 1878)
Zu Leben und Werk: Charles Daubigny: As famous for his original etchings as for his paintings, Charles Daubigny holds a prime position in mid nineteenth century French art. A leading artist of the great Barbizon landscape school, Daubigny directly influenced the following generation of Impressionist painters. At the age of nineteen Daubigny began formal art studies in the Paris studio of Paul Delaroche. His first exhibited works of art were shown at the Paris Salon in 1838 and during the following decades he obtained numerous medals and awards for both his etchings and paintings. Daubigny regarded etching as a vital force in his art. Between 1838 and the year of his death he created more than one hundred and fifty works of art in the graphic mediums -- far more than his fellow Barbizon artists, Millet and Corot. Mainly self-taught as an etcher, Daubigny's graphic art has been actively collected for over one hundred and fifty years. Lever de Lune is a masterpiece of Daubigny's oeuvre. It bears the unmistakable stamp of his artistic genius; a purity of line combined with striking atmospheric effects. Like most great works of art from the Barbizon school it both looks back to the seventeenth century landscape art of Rembrandt and his contemporaries and forward to the revolutionary movement of French Impressionism. Lever de Lune was actually commissioned by the Gazette des Beaux-Arts in 1861. However, apart from a handful of trial and working proofs which constitute the initial states, the first full edition was not published by the Gazette until 1871. Auguste Delatre, the great printer for many etchings by Meryon, Whistler, Jacque and others was commissioned to print the edition.
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