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Ian Tremewen

Name: Tremewen
Vorname: Ian
Lebensdaten: geb. 1954 in Montreal
Zu Leben und Werk: Life for Ian Tremewen has been a beach - although born in Montreal, Canada in 1954, Tremewen has spent most of his life in the Caribbean and Hawaiian tropics. His parents, both artists, made art and creative expression a constant presence in his upbringing. “I was always encouraged to draw and paint, but never forced.” Growing up in Hawaii allowed Tremewen to be a free spirit, a trait that is clearly evident in his artwork. He returned to Canada to attend Vancouver College, where he studied fine art and architecture. By age 20, Tremewen’s extensive travels through the South Seas led him to his preferred medium of art - watercolor. Describing his own work, Tremewen says, “I think of my art as contemporary watercolor, yet I stay with many traditional techniques.” He sees the vivid colors that nature provides and extends them to the unexpected. “I look at a particular color or shape and envision it bigger and bolder. I do not factually re-create the rainforest, I interpret it.” Tremewen works on location, drawing thumbnail sketches and highlighting the basic forms. The insects, birds, and natural elements that are the focal point of his paintings are then interpreted into his uniquely vibrant style.
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