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Leung Kui Ting

Name: Kui Ting
Vorname: Leung
Lebensdaten: 1945 Born in Guangzhou/China
Zu Leben und Werk: 1948 Moved to Hong Kong 1964 Studied painting under Lui Shou Kwan 1974-1990 Part-time Lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechic 1980-1994 The Principle and Director of Academic Affairs of Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts At present Honorary Adviser Consultant of Hong Kong Museum of Art Director of Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts Awards 1976 Urban Council Fine Award, Hong Kong 1981 10 Outstanding Young Persons of the year, Hong Kong 1994 Urban Council Sculpture Design Competition-Category 182, Kowloon Park and Salibsury Garden, Hong Kong 1998 Freeman Asia Foundation Award, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, USA 1999 Visual Arts Fellowships 1999, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong 1999 Commissioned Work of Art, The Provisional Regional Council Public Art Scheme Competition 1999, Hong Kong Selected Solo Exhibitions in Hong Kong - Toronto 1976 - Pittsburgh 1975 - Manila 1980 - Taipei - Beijing 1992 - Shanghai 1994 - New York City 1997 - Vermont 1998 usw/and so on
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