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Charles Storm van S'Gravesande

Name: Storm van S'Gravesande
Vorname: Charles
Lebensdaten: (Breda, 1841 - Hague, 1924)
Zu Leben und Werk: Charles Storm van S'Gravesande: At the turn of the twentieth century, the most internationally acknowledged Dutch artist was not Jongkind nor Israels but Charles Storm van S'Gravesande. Unlike the artists of the Hague School and other Dutch regionalists, Storm Van S'Gravesande developed a thoroughly modern and personal style. He spent many years in Germany, France and Belgium, studying the art of these nations and befriending a number of contemporary artists such as Felicien Rops, who introduced Storm van S'Gravesande to the art of etching and engraving. Storm van S'Gravasande was also a very accomplished painter and lithographer. Most of his career, however, was devoted to the art of etching and he completed over four hundred landscape and marine views in this medium during his life. Most of Storm van S'Gravesande's drypoint engravings date from 1890 to the beginning of the First World War (1914) and it was during this era that his art won its highest acclaim when the government of Holland knighted him for his work and when he was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal at the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris. Sailboats on the Maas is one of the artist's largest and most important drypoint engravings.
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