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Maria Elena Vieira da Silva

Name: Vieira da Silva
Vorname: Maria Elena
Lebensdaten: Portuguese, 1908-1992
Zu Leben und Werk: Born 1908 in Lisbon, "she studied sculpture in Paris under Bourdelle and Despiau, and later with Dufresne, Friesz and Leger. She first began to attract attention in the early thirties, with her abstract, linear compositions in neutral tones. She strove to express the relationships of shapes in space without resorting to the accepted rules of perspective, and the result was a fascinating mass of geometrical forms interacting with one another in lively fashion. Gentle color and soft light characterize her work, which is often mysterious but never disturbing. From 1946 she has had many shows in New York, Paris, and London, and is represented in many European and American public collections." (Phaidon Dictionary of Twentieth Century Art) "In other artists, reality, at first obsessive, breaks up, rids itself of its compact and heavy mass, and is transposed into inverted sensory perceptions. Architecture turns into an unstable, imponderable, vacillating substance, walls are constructed with trembling iridescences, marble borrows the nature of water, and the human figure becomes ghostlike. The cities painted by Vieira da Silva turn into mirages. These mysterious transformations, begun in 1940, continue to this day. Tending to a space which is all depth and displaying a minimum of matter, these works are comparable to physical changes of solids to gases. Since the 1940s she has been obsessed by the interaction of perspective and non-perspective space in paintings that are literally based on architectural themes of the city. . . . [Her works are] related to Picasso's synthetic cubism of the 1920s in . . . [their] fluctuations of Renaissance perspective and the cubist grid.
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