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Burton van DEUSEN

Name: van DEUSEN
Vorname: Burton
Lebensdaten: -,--
Zu Leben und Werk: "The whale thing takes place is the cab of my pickup truck," Barton Van Deusen says about the track he has recorded for this album. "Some people sing in the shower. I found myself being able to tap little rhythms out on the steering wheel and the seat - it seemed like that was my instrument" That and the harmonica he plays in a bluesy style he traces back to the likes of Corky Siegel, Charley Musselwhite, John Hammond, Jr., Stephen Lukes, and of can" Sonny Terry. Van Deusen, whose paintings and drawings aver the past few years have focused on storms as sees from his vantage point on the south One of Long Island, finds several parallels between his work and his harmonica playing. "I like the improvisational attitude of those storms," he says. "They exhilarate me. It's like playing the harp, getting off on some tangent, and working yourself out of it. Same thing with a storm - you just get yourself is trouble white you're drawing, and then suddenly you start to resolve it. That's pretty exciting." But Van Deusen acknowledges that others do not always share his excitement. "Storms are good and evil," he says, "coming and going. I don't find them threatening but a tat of people do, and I guess that's the reason that my paintings aren't so successful in terms of selling storms to people. The last time I had a show, it was the day after hurricane Gloria hit." After growing up by traveling the country with his parents, who worked as a vaudeville team known as Van & Arrvola, Van Deusen settled in Florida. Once out of high school, he worked on commercial projects, building sets for The Jackie Gleason Show, and floats for the Orange Bowl Parade, among other things. That was followed by a stay at Philadelphia College of Art and a series of institutional showings, although he has not yet had a gallery exhibition. But he made the decision to relocate to Amagansett, because he "really needed to get back to the water. Every day out here you can take a walk on the beach, and no two days are alike. When the stormy season comes I get my fishing pole and cast into the surf, and I can stand there for hours watching the weather. These drawings come from those times. That might be the picture of fifty storms all together" : Burton van DEUSEN
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