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Vorname: Philemona
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Zu Leben und Werk: Philemona WILLIAMSON refers to her recent series of figurative portraits, imaginary characters often set in exotic locales, as "Street Eccentrics." They don't fit info any convenient category but this doesn't surprise her particularly In the '60s, she had trouble in art school because her work wasn't considered avant-garde enough (for one thing, it wasn't abstract). For her senior show, she painted a group of nude Madonnas and Annunciation ("they were all black, and they all had my face", largely because, at the time, she liked Annunciations. Williamson feels that "art should be as accessible as going to the grocery store," and she provides written narratives that describe the worlds of her "eccentrics" - the "Hat Woman," the "Plant Lady," "Balloon Lady " and so forth - in their own words. "I don't have specific people in mind when I'm painting, they're just made-up faces. Later my friends will point out similarities to people I know and then I'll realize that the fueling I was trying to get comes from them." Another explanation may be that they are echoes of Philemona's childhood. Her parents worked for a wealthy Greek family in the Upper East Side's posh River House. "I didn't quite get the picture that my parents were employed there, I just thought I lived there. I had a very strange idea of who I was - for instance, in school I was the only black person there. And in the beginning I used to wonder why, at home, I would sometimes go in one door, and sometimes another When I was leaving by myself I could go out any door, but when I was coming with my parents I had to go in the back door" For her recording, Williamson wanted to create an aural counterpart of the sense of place that exists in her paintings. "I want you to feel like you're in this place, this lush, warm, Caribbean fueling, and then going through that is this very hard-edged narrative of the street eccentric, who doesn't fit into this environment but moves through it." Williamson explains the unusual juxtaposition by saying simply that "I think they'd like that place-where there aren't hard edges and they don't have to be constantly assaulted.
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Vorschau-Bild WILLIAMSON, Philemona
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