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Colleen Browning

Name: Browning
Vorname: Colleen
Lebensdaten: geb.1929
Zu Leben und Werk: Colleen Browning Born in Ireland in 1929, Colleen Browning moved to New York City in 1949 and became a citizen one year later. She had her first exhibition in New York in 1952. Since she chose west Harlem as a studio/home in New York and Grenada for the summers she often painted the local people to the extend that many thought she was of black heritage as well. She has had a major career in New York with dozens of shows at galleries and museums and became represented by the Harmon-Meek Gallery in 1991. She has had three shows with us since 1993. Due to a five year bout with cancer she decided to place eighty works of the 100 she had with the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Loretto, PA. They in turn are distributing about thirty of these oil paintings to other museum permanent collections and will publish a book about her life and work in 2004. Browning is in about thirty-five museums including the LA Co. MA, Detroit Inst., Cleveland Mus., Carnegie, Philadelphia, St. Louis,, Butler Inst., Wadsworth, Newark, Santa Barabara, Milwaukee, Wichita and others. The National Museum of Women in the Arts has three major works as well.
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