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Andreas Feininger

Name: Feininger
Vorname: Andreas
Lebensdaten: Paris 1906-1999 New York
Zu Leben und Werk: Chronology * 1906 Born in Paris, France, December 27, of German-American descent. Father, Lyonel Feininger, born in New York City, 1871. Great-grandfather emigrated from Durlach, Baden, Germany, to the United States in 1848. * 1914-1922 Attended public schools in Zehlendorf and Weimar, Germany. * 1922-1925 Attended the Bauhaus in Weimar; became a cabinet-maker. * 1925-1928 Attended technical schools in Weimar and Zerbst, Germany; graduated summacum laude as an architect. Developed interest in photography and taught himself the basics of phototechnology. Installed his first darkroom in the basemen of his home. * 1929-1931 Worked as an architect in Dessau and Hamburg, Germany. Practiced photography as a supplement to his architectural work. Sold his first photographs to German newspapers and magazines through the Dephot picture agency. * 1932-1933 Worked as an architect for Le Corbusier in Paris. Photographed the streets of Paris with a Leica. * 1936-1939 Switched from architecture to photography and worked as an architectural and industrial photographer in Sweden. Built his first super-telephoto camera; focal lenght 28 inches on 6 1/2 x 9 cm film. Wrote a number of phototechnical books for Walter Heering Verlag in Bad Harzburg, Germany. Complied the picturebook, Stockholm. Experimented with solarization, reticulation, basrelief and complied the picturebook, New Paths in Photography, which deals with these processes. Left Sweden in December, 1939, and moved to New York. * 1940 Worked as a professional photojournalist for the Black Star Picture Agency. Was introduced to the picture editor of Life, Wilson Hicks, and did his first assignments for Life: among others, color stories on slipcovers and matchbooks. * 1941 Left Black Star and became a photographer for the Life on a retainer basis. Built hsi second super-telephoto camera: focal length 40 inches on 4 x 5. * 1943-1962 Worked as a full-time staff photographer for Life, completting a total of 346 assignments for the magazine. Encouraged by picture editor Wilson Hicks, wrote Feininger on Photography, eventually followed by a number of other books. * 1959 Complied photographs for his trip to Europe for his book, Man and Stone. * 1962 Another trip to Europe, complied photographs for his book, Trees. * 1966-1971 Took a road trip around the United States and several trips back to Europe to complete his book, Trees. * 1972 Taught course in creative photocommunication at New York University.
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