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Quentin King

Name: King
Vorname: Quentin
Lebensdaten: Geb. 1957 in Eastbourn, Sussex, GB
Zu Leben und Werk: 2 Jahre Studium am College of Art and Design, Eastbourn. Danach Grafik- und Fotografie-Studium an Bath Academy. Seine Arbeiten findet man in privaten und öffentlichen Sammlungen. Born in Eastbourne in 1957 Studied Graphic design at Bath Academy of Art After graduating, Quentin worked for an advertising / design company to fulfil his ambitions to work in design. He left the advertising world after just two weeks on realizing that he wanted to work free from commercial restraint. In 1982 he set up a screen press in his flat and became a printmaker. During his early years as an artist / screen painter, he produced many sought after editions and posters which are among collections around the world. His work has often been used in film and television backdrops in programmes. In 1991 Quentin established Harwood King Fine Arts, a silkscreen editioning house, now renowned throughout the world for producing some of the finest silkscreen prints. Quentin is currently working on a new range of abstract prints strong in colour and design. Although principally interested in silkscreen printing, Quentin's recent work has shown an enthusiasm for experimenting in different media, including etching and carborundum.
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Serigraphie, mehrfarbig, signiert, 1986
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