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Josef Ehm

Name: Ehm
Vorname: Josef
Lebensdaten: Czech 1909 - 1989
Zu Leben und Werk: EHM Josef Czechoslovakia 1909-1989 Illustrator and teacher in Praha in the 30', Josef Ehm is representative of modern Czech photography. -- Retrospective exhibition, September 1990 - Transformations of Czech visual culture of the interwar period are often connected with activities of Jaromír Funke, Josef Sudek and Ladislav Sutnar. Of no less importance was their generational peer, co-worker and friend Josef Ehm (1909&##8212;1989). In the years 1934&##8212;1946 he was a teacher at the State School of Graphic Art in Prague, where in 1935 he participated in preparation of the legendary book Photography Sees Surface. His artistic production is renowned for a unique combination of avant-garde creative methods and technical brilliance. The exhibition presents those works by Ehm, which in addition to New Objectivity feature the imaginative tendencies of the period.
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