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Michael & Prairie COTTEN & PRINCE

Vorname: Michael & Prairie
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Zu Leben und Werk: Michael COTTEN & Prairie PRINCE Back before it was hip to audition for rock 'n' roll bands by spending a few years in art school, to make synthesizers and videotape an integral part of the act, or to parody the more mindless cliches of the pop music business from center stage - in short, before there was a Talking Heads, a Duran Duran, or a Spinal Tap - there was a band called The Tubes. The Tubes (as in cathode ray) were San Francisco art school dropouts who played it smart and nasty at a time when what was selling in rock was dumb and "sensitive." And although their stage shows were often better realized than their records, they did produce timeless gums of junk-rock such as "Mondo Bondage," "Don't Touch Me There," and the classic "White Punks on Dope." Michael Cotten (synthesizers) and Prairie Prince (drums) were two of the seminal forces behind The Tubes' too-far-ahead-of-its-time for their own good mixture of art, rock, video, performance, and showbiz glitz. The two met in grade school in Phoenix, Arizona, and according to Cotten, "We've been friends and partners ever since" - in Prince's words, "practically brothers." Together, they faced the flying barbs of disapproval at Art Institute of San Francisco which, at that point in the late '60s, says Cotten, was closer to the spirit of the Lower East Side today: "The whole finger-paint, morbid angst art thing was very big. Consequently, they didn't like our style, which was more graphic, more hard-edged. more realistic. I mean, we were into air brushing.. But as far as Gotten is concerned, "There's nothing cool about being ahead of your time. Your idea of retro is already a year in the future" and so, not necessarily commercial. "I'm trying to parody myself now," he adds, although if isn't quite clear if this statement is wholly serious, either. "Tiny Places," says Prairie Prince, reflects "the confinement that you feel in Japan, the small spaces that you have to reside in - hotel rooms, cars, any thing. We tried to use traditional sounds, like the Japanese flute, in combination with traffic sounds and synthetic sounds."
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