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William Rothenstein

Name: Rothenstein
Vorname: William
Lebensdaten: 1872 - 1945
Zu Leben und Werk: William Rothenstein, the son a German-born Bradford wool-merchant, was born in 1872. At the age of sixteen he moved to London and enrolled at the Slade School of Art. After working under Alphonse Legros he moved to Paris where he associated with Toulouse-Lautrec and Camille Pissarro. His best known painting of this period is The Doll's House, a picture that features Augustus John and Rothenstein's wife. -.-.- Rothenstein returned to England but had little success as a painter. On the outbreak of First World War, his German name and accent made him unpopular in the Goucestershire village where he lived. A patriotic Englishman he quickly accepted the offer of Charles Masterman, the head of the government's War Propaganda Bureau (WPB) to become an official war artist. -.-.- Rothenstein visited the Somme front in December, 1917. He stayed with the British Fifth Army in 1918 and during the German Spring Offensive, served as a unofficial medical orderly. He returned to England in March and his pictures were exhibited in May, 1918. Pictures by Rothenstein included the Ypres Salient and Talbot House, Ypres. In 1920 Rothenstein became principal of the Royal College of Art. A talented teacher, Rothenstein held the post until 1935. Although sixty-six when the Second World War started, Rothenstein became an artist with the Royal Air Force. William Rothenstein died in 1945.
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