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Rigby Graham

Name: Graham
Vorname: Rigby
Lebensdaten: 1931 Born in Stretford, Lancashire
Zu Leben und Werk: Educated at Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester.1947 Drawing in France and Switzerland.1948 2 a.m. January 1st arrives at Rosslare in Ireland and walks to Dublin in the snow sleeping rough. And back. His first visit to Ireland. 1949 Begins full-time at Leicester College of Art and Design under D. P. Carrington, Eric Hall, Bob Leonard, R. L. Young and Cyril Satorsky. 1954 Teaches in Leicester at Ellis Boys’, School, Lansdowne Boys’, School and the Gateway School.Paints in Brittany and the Channel Islands. 1956 Teaches in the Printing School, Leicester College of Art.1959 Illustrates Die Sonnette an Orpheus R. M. Rilke, Orpheus Press, with original lithographs.Teaches graphic design at Leicester College of Art.Illustrates John Bests’, Poems in Mud Time Orpheus Press.Paints in Sicily.Illustrates Michael Davies’, Gregynog Leicester College of Art. 1959 Paints large mural Sicily for Woodstock Junior School, Leicester.Appointed to School of Teacher Training, Leicester College of Art.Paints six murals at New Parks House Junior School, Leicester with Maurice Hancock.1960 Illustrates Oscar Wilde’,s The Nightingale and the Rose Saint Bernard’,s Press.Illustrates Shelley’,s Lines written among the Euganean Hills Pandora Press.Illustrates Vale Saint Bernard’,s Press.Produces woodcuts for Federico Garcia Lorca’,s Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías St. Anthony’,s Press, Leicester. 1961 Illustrates The Living Theatre Pandora Press and Thea Scott’,s Fingal’,s Cave Pandora Press.Writes and illustrates The Poppy and the Pomegranate Grange Fibre Co. Leicester. 1962 Illustrates Penelope Holt’,s A Sicilian Memory Pandora Press. 1964 Visits Corsica.Paints two murals in Lansdowne Boys’, School, Leicester.Illustrates Oliver Bayldon’,s translation of Imberdis’, The Papermaker’,s Craft Twelve by Eight. -:-:- 2000-2002 Working on a series of stained glass panels with Nicholas Bechgard of Amberley, Glos. 2001A long sequence of watecolours of Packhorse Bridges of Leicestershire and Rutland completed. Those which were not dispersed or destroyed were published as postcards by Goldmark Gallery. Painting in Scotland. Visits Iceland. With Malachite film crew in Ireland shooting Rigby Graham’,s Irish Journey. 2002 Painting in Croatia. Painting in Scotland. Painting in Italy –, Lake Garda, Sienna and Florence. Painting in west of Scotland. Colour woodcuts for Pennant completed.2003 Goldmark film Rigby Graham’,s Irish Journey issued.
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DREAMS, Waking Thoughts & INCIDENTS - Original RUBBER-Engraving 1993 pencilsigned - TENERIFFE -
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Vorschau-Bild Graham, Rigby
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