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Otto Dix

Name: Dix
Vorname: Otto
Lebensdaten: (1891-1969)
Zu Leben und Werk: (Geboren: Untermhaus, nr Gera, 2 Dec 1891; Gestorben: Singen, 25 July 1969). German painter, printmaker and watercolourist. His initial training (1905/14) in Gera and Dresden was as a painter of wall decorations, but he taught himself the techniques of easel painting from 1909 and began concentrating on portraits and landscapes in a veristic style derived from northern Renaissance prototypes. After seeing exhibitions of paintings by Vincent van Gogh (Dresden, 1912) and by the Futurists (1913), he quickly fused these influences into a randomly coloured Expressionism. Volunteering as a machine-gunner during World War I, he served in the German army (1914/18), making innumerable sketches of war scenes, using alternately a realistic and a Cubo-Futurist style. The experience of war, moreover, became a dominant motif of his work until the 1930s. He later commented: War is something so animal-like: hunger, lice, slime, these crazy sounds ... War was something horrible, but nonetheless something powerful ... Under no circumstances could I miss it! It is necessary to see people in this unchained condition in order to know something about man (Kinkel, 1961; repr. in 1985 exh. cat., p. 280).
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