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Bertrand Dorny

Name: Dorny
Vorname: Bertrand
Lebensdaten: 1931 geboren in Paris
Zu Leben und Werk: Born in 1931 in Paris, Bertrand Dorny has worked in the ‘Ateliers’ of André Lhote and J. Friedlander. He was a well-known painter before he turned to graphic art. He produces his prints from an assemblage of separate plaques of metal giving each its own texture and colour before printing. The cut-out forms are pushed into the softened paper to different depths, creating the low-relief surfaces special to Dorny. His works are represented in museums around the world and in many private European and American collections. 1957 Galerie Lucy Khrog, Paris 1962 Cari Seimbab Gallery, Boston 1964 Galerie Beffa, Luxembourg 1965 Vincellette Gallery,Westport,Connecticut Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris 1968 Galerie La Nouvelle Gravure, Paris 1969 Atlantis Gallery, Germany Ariane Gallery, Sweeden Alfred Lochte Gallery, Hambourg, Germany Nielsen Gallery, Boston Galerie P. Bruck, Luxembourg 1970 Galerie Harmonie, Grenoble La Pochade, Paris Gallery of Graphic Arts, New York 1971 Galerie Synthèse, Anvers, Belgium Galerie La Taille Douce, Brussels Meridian Gallery, Indianapolis, USA 1972 Nielsen Gallery, Boston Galerie La Hune Paris Galerie P. Bruck, Luxembourg 1973 Galerie Schindler, Berne, Switzerland La Rose des Vents, Vich, Switzerland Gallery 21, Johannesburg, RSA 1974 Galerie Heimeshoff, Essen, Germany Galerie La Sarbacane, Charleroi, Belgium ADI Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA Galerie Art 2000, Bale, Switerland Galerie Davidson, Tours La Hune, Paris 1975 Galerie Much, Nantes Galerie M’Arte, Milan, Italy Gallery of Graphic Arts, New York 1976 Galerie Paul Ludin, Bale, Switerland Galerie 89, Avallon Galerie J. Matarasso, Nice Galerie J.-M Cupillard, Grenoble 1977 Galerie Schindler, Berne, Switerland La Galerie, Nimes Galerie des Metiers, Biot Galerie Abeille, Toulouse 1978 Galerie J. Matarasso, Nice Galerie P. Bruck, Luxembourg 1979 Galerie J.-M. Cupillard, Grenoble Galerie m, Hanovre, Germany Galerie Erval, Paris French Institute, New York 1980 Galerie Glemine, Glemingebro, Sweeden Eastbourne Museum, Great Britain Hove Museum, Great Britain Rye Museum, Great Britain 1981 La Hune, Paris Galerie Erval, Paris Galerie J. Matarasso, Nice Galerie J.-M. Cuppillard, Grenoble Galerie Biren, Paris Galerie Praestegaarden, Dannemere, Denmark 1982 Galerie M, Hanover, Germany 1983 La Hune, Paris Galerie Baku, Tokyo, Japan Galerie de Luxembourg 1984 Chateau-Musee de Dieppe French Institute, Frankfurt Germany 1985 Galerie Erval, Paris Galerie Schindler, Berne, Switzerland Galerie Aeblegaarden, Holte, Denmark 1986 Galerie J. Matarasso, Nice La Hune, Paris Artotheque de Toulouse 1987 Galerie Heimeshoff, Essen, Germany Galerie Denise Cade, New York Galerie Arlette Gimaray, Paris Studio Pozzan, Vicenza, Italy 1988 Galerie Aelegaarden, Holte, Denmark Galerie de Luxembourg Segno Grafico, Venice, Italy Galerie Erval, Paris 1989 La Hune, Paris Galerie Denise Cade, New York 1990 La Hune, Paris Galerie Erval, FIAC, Paris 1992 Galerie de Luxembourg, SAGA 1992, Paris Galerie de Luxembourg 1993 Galerie Erva, Paris 1994 P.Guillou Library, Paris Mount Holyoke, College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA. USA 1995 Galerie Le Troisieme Oeil, Paris Centre Pompidou, Paris Ursus Books, New York 1996 Galerie Thessa Herold, Paris 1998 Library Nicaise, Paris Museum of Baron Gerard, Bayeux 1999 Galerie thessa Herole, Paris 2000 Guild Hall, Easthampton, NY 2001 Library P. Guillou, Paris
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Geometrische Komposition auf Bütten - im Druck signiert
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