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Gina Medcalf

Name: Medcalf
Vorname: Gina
Lebensdaten: nn
Zu Leben und Werk: List of Exhibitions 2001 British Abstract Painting 2001, (Group Exhibition) Flowers East, London, UK 2000 Cultural Ties, (Group Exhibition) Jariwala Westzone Gallery, London, UK 1999 The London Institute (Solo Exhibition) Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK 1998 Critical Faculty, (Group Exhibition) Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston; and Calder Gallery, Allendale, Michigan, USA 1997 Ten Years After, (Group Exhibition) Kapil Jariwala Gallery, London, UK 1997 Forms in Flux, APT Gallery, London, UK 1995 Inaugural Exhibition, (Group Exhibition) Sound Shore Gallery, Cross River, New York, USA 1994 Thinking Aloud, (Group Exhibition) Small Mansions Art Centre, London, UK 1994 The Summer Show, (Group Exhibition) Smith Jariwala Gallery, London, UK 1994 Michael Ginsborg and Gina Medcalf, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London, UK 1993 Surface, (Touring Group Exhibition) Ikon Gallery, Birmingham 1992 The Alternative Summer Show, (Group Exhibition) Connaught Brown Gallery, London, UK 1992 Sound Shore Gallery (Solo Exhibition) Sound Shore Gallery, Stamford, Connecticut, USA 1992 Abstraction in the 90s, Symposium and Exhibition, Sound Shore Gallery, And Advocate Building, Stamford, Conn. 1991 Smith Jariwala Gallery, (Solo Exhibition) London, UK 1991 Art &##8217;91 (Group Exhibition) Olympia International Art Fair, London, UK 1990 Work on Paper (Group Exhibition) Smith Jariwala Gallery, London, UK 1990 Smith Jariwala Gallery, (Solo Exhibition) London, UK 1989 John Moores 16 (Group Exhibition) Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK 1988 Fuse Exhibition I (Group Exhibition) Fuse Gallery, London, UK 1987 Sound Shore Gallery, (Solo Exhibition) Port Chester, New York, USA 1986 The Triangle Show (Group Exhibition) 111 Green Street Gallery, New York, USA 1986 Four from New York (Group Exhibition) Sound Shore Gallery, Port Chester, New York, USA 1986 Abstract Painting and Sculpture (Group Exhibition) Stockwell Depot, London, UK 1985 Winter Exhibition (Group Exhibition) , Sound Shore Gallery, Port Chester, New York, USA 1984 Triangle Workshop Exhibition, (Group Exhibition) Pine Plains, New York, USA 1983 Stephen Rosenberg Gallery (Group Exhibition) New York, USA 1976 Ruth Schaffner Gallery (Group Exhibition) , Los Angeles, USA 1973 Serpentine Painting, 73 (Group Exhibition) Serpentine Gallery, London, UK 1969 Young Contemporaries, (Group Exhibition) RBA Galleries, London, UK Educational History 1965 - 1969 Central School of Art and Design Dip.AD Awards/Scholarships 1987 Hardingham Workshop Grant Norfolk 1984 Arts Grant for Research and Curating New York State Council for the Arts International Center of Photography New York, USA 1983 National Endowment for the Arts Grant for Research International Center of Photography New York USA 1969 Italian Government Research Scholarship Museo de Capodimonte, Naples Italy Publications 2001 Collings, Matthew, British Abstract Painting 2001 momentum, London, UK 2000 Cultural Ties catalogue, Westzone London, UK 1998 Horrocks, Chris, Critical Faculty catalogue, Kingston University Kingston, UK 1997 Halasz, Piri From the Mayor&##8217;s Doorstep (21.1.97) 1997 Cornall, John, Forms in Flux catalogue, APT Gallery London, UK 1993 Ross, Carolee, Sound Shore Exhibition The Sunday Advocate Greenwich, Conn. (31.1.93, p.D1) 1991 Hubbard, Sue, Art Preview Time Out, London (13.11.91, p.46) 1990 Hilton, Tim, Critics Choice The Guardian (15.3.90) 1987 Art on exhibit Greenwich Times Greenwich, Conn., (6.11.87, p.A1)
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Vorschau-Bild Medcalf, Gina
Gina Medcalf *** Multiple - Schlips *** Culturalties für UNICEF *** nummeriert und signiert
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