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Bernard Charoy

Name: Charoy
Vorname: Bernard
Lebensdaten: * 1931
Zu Leben und Werk: 1931 Bernard Charoy was born on May 26 in Nant-Le-Grand , a village in the French province of Lorraine.He was brought up in an old family of artisans, stonecutters, scultors, cabinetmakers,etc. 1955 For 4 years he studied painting, drawing and lithography with painters, illustrators and poster designers in Montmartre. 1960 to 1974 Contributes to magazines, french and foreign editions.. Executes a series of political portraits : De Gaulle,Churchill,Mao ...etc . Illustates the first translation of the Solzhenitsen's goulag Archipeligo .Collaborates in New York with the illustrator Eric Stanton,creator of "Gondoline" 1975 Exhibits in the Dandoy Gallery in Knokke le Zout, Belgium.La Colombe gallery, Vallauris, France.. 1976 International exhibition at Art Fair, Basle,Switzerland.Exibition at l'Orangerie Jacqueline Mousson,France. 1977 Exhibitions at the Gallery Q, Athens,Greece.Exhibits at Internationaler Kunstmarkt, Cologne,Germany. 1978 Contract with Leon Amiel Publisher, New York.Publishing of lithographs with De Francony Editions. 1979 Exhibition at the Art Show Coliseum, New York.Sojourn in New York.Exhibition at the Bernardie gallery, Aixla Chapelle (Aachen), Germany. 1980 Exhibition at the Osper gallery, Cologne,Germany.Publishing of lithographs with Collier Publishing Compagny, Los Angeles.Exhibition Vision Nouvelle, Tokyo, Travel to Japan. 1981 Exhibition Art Show San Francisco, Sojourn in California.Sale of Painting to Tivoli Gallery, Las Vegas. 1982 Contract with the Tamenaga gallery,France.Exhibition Mitsukoshi Gallery Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.. 1983 Exhibition Schumacher gallery Dusseldorf, Germany. 1985 Permanent exhibit at the C.V.M. Art Compagny, New York.Collaboration with the Artes Gallery, Germany. 1986 Exhibition at Gallery 47 New York. 1987 Exhibition Jean Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.Art Expo, New York, with the Gallery Bosquet, Paris. 1988 Exhibition Mitsukoshi Ginga, Tokyo, Japan.Gallery Moliere, San Francisco. 1989 Exhibition at the Elegance Taipei gallery, Taipei, Taiwan. 1990 Exhibition at the Esquire gallery, Los Angeles. 1991 Exhibition Mitsukoshi Tokio, Osaka, Nagoya. 1992 Exhibition at the Hotel Carlton gallery, Cannes,France.Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan. 1993 Exhibition Mitsukoshi,Tokio, Japan. 1994 Exhibition at the Art Expo New York with Great Events Editions. Exhibition at the Printemps Ginza, Tokyo,Japan.Collaborates with Ghislaine Noël as his representative.Exhibit at the Tolhuis Van Dyck Gallery, Antwerp,Belgium. 1995 Exhibition at the Art Expo New York.Exhibition at the Mitsukoshi Ginza Dpt Store, Tokyo, Japan.Sales of paintins to Suhube international fine Art Galleries in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 1996 Exhibition at the Printemps Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. 1997 Exhibition at Opera Gallery, Singapore. 1998 Collaboration with Artis Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 1999 Permanent Exhibit at the Martinez Hotel Fine Art Gallery in Cannes (French Riviera) France.Registered in the BENEZIT New Edition 1999. 2000 Exhibition at Opera Gallery, New York.Collaboration with Brucke Art Compagny, Tokyo, Japan.Exhibition at Mitsukoshi Tokyo, Hiroshima and Sapporo, Japan.
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