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Kurt Larisch

Name: Larisch
Vorname: Kurt
Lebensdaten: 1913 Wien - 2009
Zu Leben und Werk: Few artists bring the international scene and the experiences of the holocaust to their work in the manner of Kurt Larisch. Viennese by birth, global by life experience, Mr. Larisch learned traditional painting techniques from his father, who painted miniatures, and his grandfather, a sculptor. He was among the first individuals in Austria to experiment with and produce animated films. Mr. Larisch, a holocaust survivor, lived in India after WWII where he continued to experiment with his stubbornly original themes, primarily his critical view of conformity and dehumanization of the masses, by employing tiny human figures juxtaposed against large geometric elements. One can readily recognize the composite influences of Vassarely, Escher, Mondrian and Magritte, but Larisch flaunts his definitive concepts in bold designs and with the daring use of color contrasts and subtle shadings.
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